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Pici pasta, a Tuscan recipe! Come in Florence and learn how to make it at my b&b

July 11, 2017|

Have you never eaten PICI? Pici is a thick, hand rolled pasta, similar to fat spaghetti usually made from just flour and water, but I add one egg! It is a special Tuscan recipe, originates in the province [...]

How to make a good italian coffee, you’ll drink it at the b&b Le Stanze di Santa Croce!

January 19, 2017|

Making coffee with moka is a timeless ritual! Every morning, at breakfast, we prepare caffee in this way, come at the b&b Le Stanze di Santa Croce to taste it! It means home, Italy. The Bialetti Moka is [...]

  • Homemade Coffee or Vinsanto Tiramisù recipe

Coffee Tiramisù
…or Vinsanto

January 18, 2015|

Serves 6 250 g. Mascarpone 2 organic eggs 10 ladyfingers 4 tbs sugar Option 1: Coffee Tiramisù Black coffee, cooled Dark chocolate or cocoa powder Option 2:  Vinsanto Tiramisù Vinsanto Strawberries or raspberries The translation literally [...]

  • Chicken liver pate

Crostini Toscani
Chicken liver paté Crostini

January 17, 2015|

Serves 6 Gr. 300 chicken livers 5 anchovies fillets 1 small red onion and some leaves of sage ½ carrot, ½ stalk of celery (optional) 2 tbs capers 4 tbs dry white wine or vinsanto Extra virgin Olive [...]

  • Nutella

Breakfast loves Nutella

May 15, 2014|

Nutella, the world’s favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread, turns 50 this year. To celebrate this milestone, Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, has asked fans to share their most memorable moments that involve the beloved hazelnut spread. Nutella was established on April 20, [...]

  • insalata di arance

Orange salad

December 10, 2013|

In Winter time, when the sky is gray, make this colorful salad and you’ll feel happy ! This simple dish will delight your visual sensibility and give you an energy boost to face the cold season. If you are very lucky you [...]

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