The name pecorino is taken from the Italian word pecora, which means “sheep”; so Pecorino is sheep’s milk cheese and it is one of the most common and popular cheeses in Italy. Many Italian regions have their own kind of pecorino in the fresh fresco, semi-aged semi-stagionato and aged stagionato versions, a series of classifications that are based on how long the individual cheeses have been aged.2014-07-06 11.58.34 (2) These are the best-known kinds: Pecorino toscano from Tuscany, sardo from Sardinia,  romano from Lazio and siciliano from Sicily. Once the cheese curds have been produced by adding rennet to the ewe’s milk, they are drained and formed into drum-shaped wheels. The cheeses are then pressed, wrapped, salted and aged for anywhere from a few months to a year. The longer the cheeses age, the more firm, crumbly and salty they become, making them ideal for grating. The younger cheeses have a softer, more creamy texture, and they are often eaten on their own or in sandwiches.
We usually buy and serve an organic pecorino for breakfast ! it has made at the farm Caseificio Murceti in Mount’ Amiata area ( southern Tuscany). Francesca and Lorenzo are the owners. Francesca makes cheeses and Lorenzo takes cares of sheep. They make olive oil too and it is very good! Here are some photos of the dairy and their work. Come to taste it… is amazing!