Your trip to Florence has to be unforgettable! Is this your first visit to Florence?  I hope that you have decided to stop at my b&b Le Stanze di Santa Croce and so you’ll have the opportunity to follow some of my suggestions.  The first thing I propose is to get a view of the city from the top. You’ll get a breathtaking view of the historical centre of Florence – a sight that will seem like a dream. The surrounding hills are the best place from where you can get a wonderful panorama; the rightly famous Piazzale Michelangelo is splendid but a bit too crowded for my taste. Instead a much  better alternative would be Villa Bardini with its marvellous view and above all you’ll be able to enjoy it with only a select few. Another place I simply adore is Forte  Belvedere, often a location for modern sculpture exhibitions – unluckily it’s not always open to the public. To reach these places you can take a romantic walk (slightly uphill) from my b&b in the centre of the city – it takes only about 20 minutes at most. If you are strong enough to check your curiosity and don’t look back as you climb you’ll be rewarded with a surprising view. A visit to Florence should start  with this type of “ thunderstrike”. Other surrounding hills like those of Fiesole or Settignano similarly splendid and offer pleasant vistas even if from further away. Visiting Florence takes time; the city centre is packed with so many places to visit and it’s charming to get lost in the small tiny roads and to walk along the market stalls and hear the noisy vendors. I have to confess that even if I have seen Florence and its fantastic views so many times, everytime it’s a big emotion for me! Anyway, I wish you a beautiful trip to Florence.